How many apps are sitting on your phone and/or tablet?

After having a smartphone and a tablet for a number of years now I have realised that out of the approximately 140 apps that I have I really only use about 18 and this is across devices. I still have the other 132 apps just in case…. Yes, I am an app hoarder and there are probably people out there who are worse than me and others who are better than me. I am coming to terms with the fact that I don’t need every app ever released that may suit my needs, and no I do not need the same app released by different developers just in case it might be different/better. I think that after having a majority of the 140 apps on my phone it started to get stressful. This is why I am moving to more of a minimal layout and only have the essential apps on my phone. If I do purchase or download an app and it doesn’t suit a purpose then it is removed from my devices and not left just to sit around causing stress.

How do you handle this? Are you an app hoarder with hundreds of folders or are you more of the minimal type with only the apps that you use on your device?