Apple iPad2It’s here and in my hands! Introducing the iPad2, I am really impressed with this tablet! Although, it has not been the monumental leap from the original that I thought it could have been but it has definitely upped the ante to all competitors.

There have been only small updates to hardware from the original to the iPad2; these are the addition of a front camera and a rear facing camera, the drop in weight and an updated processor, the 1GHz dual core A5 chip which is a lot faster than the chip in the first iPad. It really does make quite a big difference in usability as it feels lightning fast… to me at least!

Here are some of the positives I have found

The updated physical form has meant a drop in weight from the original and it is definitely easier to hold for long periods of time. Whereas I was only able to hold the first iPad for short periods of time before it started to feel heavy.

Screen resolution is 1024×768 and it looks great, I can quite easily spend hours using it. I have been using the iPad2 as an ebook reader for all my purchased books and the readability is pretty good. I have been using iBooks for this and I feel it is a great app for this purpose.

The battery life of this iPad2 is absolutely amazing, it has lasted me for many days on standby. Which means it outlasts almost every other device I own.

As per the original iPad you are now able to get 3G + WiFi or only WiFi versions. Also, you have a choice in the look of your iPad2 as it is now available in either black or white.

As the iPad2 uses the same software as the original iPad there is really not much of a difference in the user experience apart from an increase in response.

Some negatives

I really like the addition of the front facing camera and the rear camera, and the fact that you can use the front facing for facetime or skype. But the rear camera I doubt I will ever use to take a photo? I have only ever seen one person use an iPad2 for this and it looked ridiculous and awkward.

A big disappointment for me is the lack of apps that have either not been repurposed for the iPad or have not been built specifically for the iPad. Granted it is improving but we are on the 2nd revision of hardware, come on app developers!!  One thing I really hate is upsizing an iPhone app to display on the iPad. Whenever that happens I will delete the app immediately.

Appwise I really like using Flipboard, as I feel that it is an app that perfectly fits in with what I think the iPad should be used for. As a gadget that allows you to receive feeds from sources that you want to gather information from, such as social media.

Overall, the iPad2 is a fantastic tablet but as always there is room for improvement. This tablet is the best around at the moment and I cannot see that changing (well until iPad3 comes out!).