iPhone 4 Mobile Phone

Moving from 2G to 3G and from there to a 3GS and finally landing upon an iPhone 4, I have been amazed at the progression of the iPhone most significantly from 3GS to 4. The first thing I noticed about this update is the physical form of the iPhone 4, no longer is there a curved back making it easier to hold but instead there is a flat back panel made out of glass. This has taken a while to get used to. Is it fragile because of the glass panel? Well, it can be dropped from a reasonable height and not break; however I would not advise doing this on purpose.  

Days before the iPhone 4 was released Apple decided to launch iOS4 which brought some great functionality to the iPhone 4. Features such as Multitasking, HD video recording, App folders really make using the iPhone 4 a joy.

The retina display is fantastic to look at (there really is no comparison to older models). It is so clear and bright that no longer do I think I am losing my sight!

The 5 megapixel camera blows me away, when I compare photos from older iPhones to the ones taken on the iPhone 4 there really is no comparison, the addition of a flash means I am taking better quality photos! I love the fact that I can now take shots when I am out and about at night.  I am not saying that the earlier iPhone models take bad photos, just that the iPhone 4 takes better ones! These photos look pretty good when printed out and it definitely feels like some point and shoot camera companies should take a long hard look at what Apple have achieved here. With this new camera I have started using Hipstamatic and Instagram applications a lot more than on the iPhone 3GS (great apps, check them out in the App store).

The battery life on the iPhone 4 has really surprised me, when I was using the 3GS it was rare for me to get through a day without charging (even on light usage). Now when I am using the iPhone 4 it will last me almost two days without needing to recharge. It will take between 2 – 3 hours to charge 100% from flat. If you want to prolong battery life there are a few tips to consider – reducing brightness, reducing usage of location based services, turn off push mail and turn off WiFi.

Now onto this supposed antenna issue, living in Australia I have not found any issue with my reception whatsoever. If anything I have found the iPhone 4 provides me with better reception than I was getting with the 3GS. There have been no dropped calls at all and the internet speed has been fantastic on 3G service.

I have to say I love the iPhone and am looking forward to seeing what comes out with the iPhone 5.