After spending a lot of time with an iPhone I think I now have all my bases covered in regards to favourite applications. I have not found any other apps that are as important for my daily use as the ones I have listed below.

Here are the apps that get the most use on my iPhone:

  • Messages – I think that this is my main form of communication, I definitely use this more than the phone app!
  • Clear – as soon as I heard about this app I had to download. This is my favourite To Do app, it is even better now that there are reminders. It has many themes which I love.
  • Mail – Having several email addresses I use Mail a lot, I have not found a better app to manage my mail yet so sticking with the default!
  • Hipstamatic – this is my favourite camera app, every photo I take with the default camera app I then take one with Hipstamatic.
  • Instagram – this is where I post ally my pictures that I take with Hipstamatic
  • Facebook – this is where I keep up with friends and companies I follow.
  • Twitter – I use this to follow people who are doing similar things to me and link up with friends
  • LinkedIn – networking for work!
  • eBay – this is where I buy, buy and sell, sell!
  • Shazam – always handy for when you can’t figure out that song that you hear when you are out and about
  • Foursquare – Every now and again I like to check into a place and this is how I track this.
  • Twitter – I like to link up with people who have their own blogs and companies that make products I am interested in.
  • TripView – This is a fantastic app for public transport in Sydney, it tells me when trains, buses and ferries will be coming and how long a trip will take.
  • Google maps – I prefer this map app over the default Apple one.
  • Camera – I do like the default camera app but I lean towards Hipstamatic on the iPhone.
  • Calendar – as a user you cannot delete the default calendar app to use something else so I have kept using it.
  • MyFitnessPal – this is a great app to track exercise and food
  • Photos – the one spot I use to keep track of all the photos I take

The apps I do not use at all on the iPhone are:

  • Passbook
  • Stocks
  • Newsstand
  • Reminders
  • Game Center (Centre)

Do you think that I have missed any? Or is this about the same as what you use on your iPhone? Let me know what you think or if there are any apps that you cannot live without.

If you are using an Android or Windows Phone please send through your favourites also, I am always interested to see what people are using.