HTC Desire Mobile Phone

I really enjoyed using the HTC Desire, it was my first time trying out the Android OS and I liked what I saw. The Desire screen and overall form is really really nice and fits in my hand like a glove, the only problem with this phone was the heat of the battery. After a period of use the battery got extremely hot and it was not pleasant to hold. The Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting diode (AMOLED) display was really great to look at, the graphics were so clear and definitely improved my thoughts on this phone.  I definitely prefer the AMOLED display when it is compared to the display on the iPhone 3GS.

The speed of this phone is fantastic, it is incredibly responsive and smooth to use. Moving from menu to menu was incredibly quick, the snapdragon processor really makes using this phone great.

The 5 megapixel camera was fantastic and I cannot tell you how many photos I took with it.

Battery life was the nightmare for me, I use a lot of data and am constantly flicking through menus and I could not make it last more than about 7 hours before I had to recharge. Frustrating!

HTC Sense is a nice addition, which I liked and used initially but after a while it just seemed like bloatware. I did try out a few mods via XDA (Cyanogen) and I liked using them for a while but I quickly reinstalled the stock OS (including HTC Sense).

The Android OS took a while to get used to and I do like it, but maybe because I have used Apple OS’ for a while and I expected a lot more which I didn’t get from Android. Graphically it didn’t seem to be as smooth as Apples iOS’.

The Android app store experience is nowhere near as nice as the experience using the iTunes store. I look forward to improvements being made in this area.

Overall this is a pretty good phone but I returned to the iPhone 4 quite quickly after experiencing the battery and the heat issue. I may return to an HTC Android phone in the future after they iron these issues out.