Nokia and Microsoft shake on it

The Nokia and Microsoft partnership announcement has definitely caused concern for a lot of Nokia users/lovers, and the staff losses are devastating. However, I for one am really excited by this partnership; I cannot wait to get my hands on a Nokia handset running Windows Phone 7. I moved on from Nokia as soon as I heard about the iPhone and have not looked back since, now after iPhone and Android love I can see a reason to return to my beloved Nokia.  Nokia’s hardware has always been ahead of the game and I really feel that Microsoft have changed things up with Windows Phone 7. I think the combination of these two products will create a smooth and enjoyable user experience.

For a long time I really enjoyed using various versions of the Symbian OS across many Nokia handsets, but now when it is put up against other OS’s such as iOS and Android, in my eyes it doesn’t really cut it, it feels dated. I am not too sure how long Symbian will be around for, but I feel that it has a limited lifespan. I am definitely interested to see where the Symbian developers move to if and when it does die.Nokia Windows Phone 7 concept

If the concept Nokia handset in the image to the right is what is going to be released then I might be moving back to Nokia sooner than I thought!!