At last I have finally got my hands on this tablet to play around with. The Samsung Galaxy Tab is a great introduction to the world of tablets. The first thing I noticed was that it fits in one hand (although you will still need two hands to operate it!). The 7 inch display looks great and feels really nice in hand.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is powered by the Android OS (Froyo 2.2) and I found it to be a really smooth experience using the Android interface on a tablet. Samsung Galaxy TabI am still not 100% about Android; I just wish that Google would get their graphic designers to push out some nicer graphics for the OS.

The display is a 7 inch LCD TFT (with a resolution of 1024×600), the screen of which is quite impressive; the responsiveness of the touch screen was very receptive and quick. In terms of memory the Galaxy tab has an internal memory of 16 or 32GB which can be supplemented with a microSD flash card with up to 32 GB (unlike other tablets that we know and love).

The Galaxy Tab has two cameras, one which is front facing (1.2 megapixels) and the other on the back case (3.2 megapixels).Samsung Galaxy Tab Rear The 3.2 megapixel camera takes pretty nice pictures, however I do find it weird to be holding a tablet to take a photo.

The best way I found to use the Samsung Galaxy Tab was as an ebook reader, it just felt right. The screen was really nice to look at for long periods of time and as it is only 7 inch so did not feel heavy in the hand.

As I have quite a few FLAC files in my music collection it was really great to see a tablet that supports the format right off the bat without the need for any plugins or apps. Also another great feature I found was the ability to listen to FLAC files without the need for a specific app is a really great addition, thanks Samsung!

And another kick in the teeth for the iPad is that the Tab supports Flash, allowing people to load many websites/games/videos that the iPad cannot.

All in all, the above features I have mentioned make the Samsung Galaxy Tab an interesting possibility in regards to Tablets however it just does not do it for me. I don’t feel Android provides a nice enough interface which I could use for long periods of time (although I do like that there are alternatives out there and you never know one day I might go completely Android!!).Also, I do not know why they decided to make this tablet capable of making phones calls – this decision is completely bizarre to me. Overall the Samsung Galaxy tab is a nice tablet which I would not hesitate to suggest to any Android fanboys/girls to pick it up and give it a try.