This is a question for all the gadget owners out there, what do you do when your device is broken? Have you ever dropped your gadget, have you jumped into water with it in your pocket or has it fallen out of your bag and smashed? If one of these scenarios is true or for some other reason your device has broken, what do you do? Do you get it fixed, do you sell it and buy another one or do you just continue to use a broken device?

Personally, I try to be as careful as I can with gadgets but if something does happen I will always get it fixed. Sometimes it is by official means but a lot of time it is by unauthorised repairers (if there is no alternative). For those of us in Australia, I have to say that my experience in getting devices repaired has not been amazing. It always seems to be a struggle to get a repair done by an authorised repairer as they are few and far between. Take for example Apple, I am one of those people who bought an iPhone but do not want to replace it the moment something goes wrong, personally I would like it to be repaired. I guess I am old school in this thinking as I do not want to get rid of a gadget when everything is working perfectly except for one button. Only recently have Apple started to perform some repairs on their devices and even then it seems to vary from store to store. For Android devices it is difficult just to find someone who is an authorised repairer.

So what do you do with your damaged phone, do you get it repaired, give it to someone else and buy a new one, sell it or do you keep using it? Please answer in the comments or fill out the poll below and let me know what you would do?