As someone who goes back and forth between mobile phones I am getting increasingly frustrated that I have to pay for the same app on different operating systems. For example if I buy TripView on the iPhone for $3.79 and I then move to an Android phone and want to use TripView I have to pay an additional $3.99. Although, I am annoyed about paying for the same app multiple times, I do understand that sometimes a whole app has to be rewritten for use on a different OS and that the developers deserve to be paid for his or her hard work.

What I would love to see happen for people who use multiple mobile phone operating systems that they are charged more for an app that they use on multiple platforms only once. Using the example above I would pay $6 once but for use on all operating systems (iOS, Android and Windows phone for example). For people who would only use it on one platform they could pay the normal price as it is today. For this idea to work I am guessing that this would have to be on the developer’s website somehow or that a universal app store is created (not by Google, Apple or Windows) for the developers not for the platform.

I would love to see a universal app store where all versions of each application are available to see. For people thinking about transferring to another system they could easily see if the developer for their favourite app has built it for the OS they are moving to. I am not sure who would be the one to control this; I think the developers might like this idea though.  The process for submitting apps would be:

  • The developers sends their app versions for multiple platforms to one place
  • The App is then verified to see if it is suitable for each platform
  • The App is then delivered to each platform (Apple, Google, Windows etc.)

I do not know how many people actually move between different smartphones with different operating systems but I think this idea would definitely help people who are switching from one OS to another.