A lot of posts are popping up on the internet about Facebook and how it’s popularity is waning. I am on Facebook and I have to say that my interest in using it is definitely dropping off. Will I still be using Facebook in 5 years time?

I don’t think so and here is why:

  • Advertising is increasing (I understand that Facebook needs to generate money and this might be the best way in their eyes, but it is getting more and more frustrating for users).
  • Creating a News feeder ala Feedly or Flipboard (once again I understand their need to diversify, but I think if you do something well stick with it do not try to do more and spread yourself too thin).
  • Privacy issues, I have lost count as to how may times there have been issues in this area in the last couple of years.

Messenger is currently number one in the messaging app space which is great but I think there are too many other apps that they are trying to compete against. I am positive that they will not be able to continue being number one in the future.

Will other people be using Facebook in 5 years? I think there might be a few, however I think that there will be an increase in advertisers and companies which will put a lot of people off. All of the teenagers I know have moved away from Facebook, they do not want to be using an app and sharing private information with their parents? I think that you will start to see more people using email, twitter and what ever the latest whatsapp app is or even trying face to face communication!

A recent study by Time┬áhas discovered that more than 11 million young people have left Facebook since 2011, so if that is not a good indicator that things are going downhill at Facebook then I don’t what is?