Now that Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC2014) is over for another year here is my round up of what was announced.

There were a lot of great features announced this year, a new operating system – OSX10.10 (Yosemite), iOS8 and some new Developer Tools (including a new programming language). There were no hardware updates mentioned, I think they may be announcing these later this year in September.

Let’s have a closer look at the features they did announce:

OSX10 Yosemite

Yosemite will come with a new look encompassing flat design giving it a much more modern look and feel by aligning it to iOS7. The dock icons for the standard apps have been completely redesigned and here is the full list:

  • Continuity, this is so you can work seamlessly across multiple devices. A feature called Handoff has been introduced where if you are doing something on your Mac you can swipe up on your iPad so you can see Mac view on your tablet
  • Instant Hotspot, your mac sets up a hotspot through your phone. You do not have to do anything on your phone
  • Updated Notification Centre now gives you a lot more information including a ‘today’ area which is linked to the calendar.
  • Dark Mode (black toolbars with black dock), this is particularly useful for people who do not want to be staring at Apples bright white interface, especially useful for people using their computer at night.
  • Spotlight has now moved to the centre of the screen, search will now occur across more applications for example iTunes.  It now includes Siri like functionality; you can even use it as a calculator.
  • iCloud drive (syncs all your iWork documents to Apples cloud, allowing you to access them across any Apple devices (Mac or tablet/phone) and wait for it Windows…. Wow!
  • Mail drop allows you to easily share large mail attachments (up to 5GB) rather than trying to send them via email.
  • Mail Mark Up allows users to mark up documents.
  • Safari has received some design updates, including favourites being moved inside the address bar. Search bar allows you to include Spotlight and web results. Safari will provide the ability to subscribe to RSS feeds and share with people in your menu. Safari will also have WEBGL and HTML5 premium video
  • iMessage update allows you to get your text messages on your desktop using your phone as a relay.
  • System Font update, the font has changed from Lucida Grande to Helvetica Neue


Here are the latest additions to iOS, there are a lot of new features which will definitely enhance the user experience.

This is an application that tracks your fitness and health information. It will connect with apps created by Nike and Fitbit (and others) to gather your data which will then be consolidated into the one area ‘Healthkit’

It is now a lot easier to send sounds and pictures in an SMS, all you have to do is swipe to the right. You can now set up group messages to easily include or drop who you want to be a part of the group. Do not disturb can also be put on and you can go on later and read all messages that heave been sent. You are also now able to share your location by sending a map image. It is also a lot easier to now browse through all attachments that have been sent in a conversation just by tapping. Included also is the ability to send multiple images and or videos.

This app allows users to edit and view their photos across their iPads and iPhones. Photos will be kept in the iCloud and users will be given 5GB for free but anything above this amount they will have to subscribe.

New Notification Centre
This area now includes Interactive Notifications which allows users to respond to events or messages in the Notification Centre rather than going into the app.

Task Switcher
You can also set a list of the top 10 people you talk to at the top of notifications (after pressing the home button twice)

Keyboard Enhancement
Users will now get smarter auto-complete suggestions; a new feature (Quicktype) will answer questions you have as it learns your typing habits. The biggest feature of all is the ability to install third party keyboards across all iOS devices.

Siri is now hands free, rather than having to press the home button users can now just say “Hey Siri’ to interact with Siri.

Family Sharing
This feature will allow up to six family members access to purchases on the one iTunes account. They will also be able to access calendars, photos, reminders and Find My Friends locations across their iPhones and iPads. Parents will be able to keep track of what their children are buying as they will now be able to approve or deny each purchase.

This is Apple’s new gaming facilities, this allows for more computing power from the A7 chip, which means that faster gaming for you and me.

iCloud Drive
This will allow you to access content that was saved to the cloud on your Mac. This is thought to be the long awaited Dropbox killer. Steve Jobs vowed that he would destroy Dropbox with iCloud and this may just do it.

For this area Apple have enhanced their security mode, included VIP modes for Mail, Free and Busy information for the calendar and third party document provider support.

For all the iPhone users and soon to be users, iOS8 is due to Launch – Late 2014

Developer Tools

Apple’s new programming language is meant to be a lot quicker than Objective C. To help developers, Swift code and Objective C code can be in the same application.

Apple will now let third party apps share information that you choose.

Apple is now allowing Widgets to be pinned to the Notifications Centre, this means that instead of going in and out of your apps to get information you can now just go to Notifications to see it.

This feature allows the iPhone to control other smart devices in your home. For example you can turn off the lights in the house before you go out.

WWDC2014 as you can see is packed with features and it is definitely impressive what Apple will delivering this year. For those expecting more, you might just have to wait for the hardware announcements. But think about that new hardware with all of the above, I think Apple will be winning people back from Android very shortly. They might not always be the first with features but they do deliver them in a very slick and easy to use way.